The second face!

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The paradise is not alone. This I learned during my trip to Indonesia. My way to the paradise Bangka Island lead me along several stopp overs. What also accompanied was the question how the waste management works. This is always my point of view. Waste is the mirror of our culture.

And, some of the material goes already into recycling after collection by the inhabitants or pickers:

  • PET bottles
  • Bulky plastic articles like boxes, chairs etc.
  • Paper, card board
  • Metalls

Also some find the was into Waste to Art. All these are money driven and have a market. But what happens to the other plastic like multilayer “Sachetbags”?  Here we want to find solutions which fits to the culture at this location or others.Our experiences can help you to work on solutions.  for the people and the environment.

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